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The World Needs a Change in the Way We Get Energy...for a better performance


The World Needs a Change


in the Way We Get









Theory   of   the   Flow   of   the   Particles

Uniformly Accelerated to Stablish the

 Equality Between The  Four 

 Fundamental Forces

of  the  Nature


One theoretical and experimental finding based

 on that real particles (hydrodynamic flow), hypothetical (gravitons)

and photons has the same performance when the Reynolds number is equal to 2


  • Stablish only two equations applyed to gravitational waves as a part of the range of frequency of the electromagnetic waves and the relation with the fundamental strong force of the nature.
  • Apply the two stablished equations  to make relation between the macroscopic hydrodynamic flow and nanoscale hydrodynamic flow.


For what is usefull?:

  • To understand the electromagnetic nature of the gravity in order to obtain movement in the same way than the nature do.
  • To understand the relation between the macroscopic hydrodynamic flow and the nanoscale (and lowest) hydrodynamic flow.
  • To understand when the high energy phenomeno occurs flowing tiny partycles along structures shortest than nanotubes.


The theory is focused to:

In a paper  is demonstrated the value of the gravity acceleration, the speed of the gravity particles and its specific internal energy depending on its wavelength. Also is demonstrated that the speed of the gravitational waves (or gravity particles for Reynolds Number = 2) is the light speed only in the earth center. The frequency of the gravitational waves is lowest than the frequency of the sound. Understanding the electromagnetic nature of the gravitational waves will help to build an apparatus capable to travel against the gravitys force.

In another paper is explained the relation between the macroscopic hydrodynamic flow and the flow at nanoscale. It has been useful to explain why the human body temperature is 37 Celsius degree. In the other hand is explained why the photomechanic effect depend on the wavelength (its frequency) against the intensity.

Also is explained the source of the theoretical experimental model. From this análisis are obtained the velocity and uniform acceleration equations of the particles when the Reynolds number is 2.

As preliminar conclussions this theory maybe should be the point of begining of new technologic behaviors, for example:

· The scientific statement should conduct to the technologic behavior to manipulate the gravity acceleration. Also can help to understand the nature of the dark energy, dark matter, black holes, etc.

· Althought is recognized that is required experimental demonstration, the model can help to understand the nanoscale flow (and lowest) in order to get massive energy from tiny particles.









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